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One-Line Bio

Is there anything more Canadian than picking blueberries... ?


Listen to the loon on a foggy morning. Tweeze succulent blueberries from amongst the bramble tangles... amidst the whine of mosquitos. Take the time in Solitude to remember that:

❧ Canadians can believe in peaceful, harmonious Community.
❧ Complex problems can have simple solutions.
❧ Wants aren't Needs.
❧ Integrity Means: Learn, Think, Act.
❧ Belief in yourself.

I'm also a self-diagnosed Phreak & fear devulging my obsessively self-conscious emergence as an ❝Artist in the Medium of Life❞. Man, that's such ego wanking! Sure, I share my share of ❛American Splendour❜-esque moments.

I guess your comments will be interesting, even if I'm not.

Mostly, you'll find ThisCanadian's take on Political Awareness in Canada:
❧ taking time for facts & questions.
❧ taking time making decisions.
❧ then, acting accordingly.

Braving metaphorical blackflies,
Spread Love,
❧ BlueBerry Pick'n

"We have in our country the patriotism of Ontarians, the patriotism of Quebecers and the patriotism of Westerners; but there is no Canadian patriotism, and there will not be a Canadian nation as long as we do not have a Canadian patriotism. ... Alas, only one eventuality hadn't been foreseen: that one day the government of Canada might fall into the hands of a weakling. ... if it is accepted by the people and their legislators --will render the Canadian state totally impotent. That would destine it, given the dynamics of power, to eventually be governed by eunuchs.".
- Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Meech Lake Accord Statement, 27.May.1987)

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.
- Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

"We two form a multitude."- Ovid

"Learn. Think. Believe & Act"


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